Toilet in Ishan – North East

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Toilet in Ishan – North East

In Vastu Shastra there are many rules which one has to follow for harmony and good life. The most important rule is that there should not be toilet in the house. Just due to that In olden days there were no toilets in the house. Even in big palaces of kings there were no facility of toilets and they used to go out for those things. Toilet is supposed to be very inauspicious in that time. People used to build it outside the house. So that the negativity of it don’t come inside the house. In this article I will only tell you about the effects of toilet in Ishan i.e North East direction. Ishan is very important place. It Is believed that this place belongs to the God. Jupiter is the planet which rules this direction. When there is an toilet, wash room or may be store house at ishan it gives very bad effect.

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